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20140614 - Ops Night
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Posted 16-06-2014, 09:53 AM
co10: Tribal


First attempt ended with some technical issues. But it did highlight a need for some people to make a note of friendly forces appearances and to NOT shoot first and ask questions later...

Second attempt went a bit better technically, but suffered dramatically from some poor skills.
First of all we had our section leader lead himself and the medic to the top of a tall structure with only one exposed ladder for an entry and exit point. Of course this went REALLY wrong quite quickly leaving half our little group suffering early on when the lead started to fly.

Secondly another member although managing to make a few frags, over extended. Initially this might of been sustainable if we had enough people giving cover, however with only myself (support gunner) in a bad position, it didn't take long for one of us to catch a stray round and the other to be flanked and destroyed with no chance to getting the other back up, or at least retrieving their body for revival by the medic.

Lastly, on this play session I want to highlight a need for leaders (and players really) to think a bit more about their environment, equipment and the mission instead of doing the usual "attack first, panic later".

**standby for blatant meta gaming**

1. In this particular mission, the section must attack a town which is on the outskirts of a hilly area with heavy foliage. - Pretty obvious by the map

2.The equipment provided gives us high mobility, with a lot of small arms ammunition and ordnance. - Everybody loves dune buggys & 7.62 belf fed!

3.With some quick observations of the town itself, it is obvious the section is out numbered. With patrols roaming around both in and out of the town, and quite a few enemies spotted on roof tops. You will also notice how the OpFor are using "generic middle eastern clothes" and an array of soviet weapons including 7.62 aks and RPGs- I can count too!

From these initial observations, there are a few things we can apply to a plan of attack.

1. Hills are our friends for getting eyes on, and some plunging fire on the enemy. Hills with cover are even better!

2. Should be obvious who is BluFor at this point!!! Don't shoot the guy who looks like you!!!
We have high mobility allowing us to get to any position we choose rather quickly, and if required get out of there at a moments notice and re-engage from another location.
We have LOTS of firepower. We have enough ammunition to start our own small war, with masses of RPGs and belt fed, as well as a surplus of magazines for our small arms and grenades of every kind.

We now know to shoot the people wearing a dress (not Arid fatigues)
From our observations we can see the patrols like to come out of the town, making them sitting ducks to our firepower.
Additionally, we can see that from their numbers, we can quite quickly become overrun and surrounded if we give them the opportunity.
Although its very minor in the arma universe. It should be noted, soviet short 7.62 (the round used in the AK-47/AKM) is regarded to be much more effective at close quarters due to its high power and penetration, and its lack of accuracy at long range.
In tactics terms, we should try to play to their disadvantage as much as possible, and instead play to our advantages.
In this instance we were using the 6.5 Katiba which ballistics are similar to the 5.56 and are regarded to be more effective at ranged combat, but with a bit more power and penetration.


In my mind the best thing would of been to use the vehicles to get into a decent hill top position with some cover over looking the town (we identified a few). Then i would of spent some time observing the enemy to try and estimate a good time to engage. Using our weapons strengths, I would engage at range with a mass of firepower from the support gun and RPG.
Hopefully within 10 mins we should of decimated a couple of the patrol groups.
From this initial engagement the enemy will do one of 3 things (I'm not joking here UPSMON will do these things)
1. Send more patrols to engage - Great, continue to kill em all
2. Fortify their positions around the objective - This is possibly the most likely and the last thing we want them to do, if this happened I would have us mount up, race around to the other side of the town (direction they least expect us to come from) and slowly push towards the objective with weapons yellow. If at any point we become heavily bogged down, we can pull back, mount up and re-engage from another direction until we wear them down.
3. Flee - if the enemy flee, they might take the objective with them. This could be interesting, and highly unlikely, but if they take this course of action. I would once again get the section to mount up, skirt around the town in the open desert and chase them down. Because of our engagement form the dense foliage area, they will most likely flee into the desert where we can run them down with our superior mobility.

*** Metagame end***

Hopefully this spoiler of a mission might make some people open their eyes on how some politesses when it comes to commanding a team in a set environment with set resources and equipment.


"What could possibly go wrong..."
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