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Posted 28-07-2014, 02:54 PM
Each Mission submission should be accompanied by a thread on this forum using the following template.
The thread is key to your mission submission, as it allows for a central location to store information about your mission;

- Mission description - Allows admins and players to learn about your mission outside of Arma
- Feedback - Allows players and admins to provide feedback, bug reports and appraisals of your mission.
- Changelog - Allows you and the admins to track the versions of your mission and what changes have been made to address issues.

========= Start of Template =========

*Subject*: co10: Battle of Girna Bay

Mission: co10: Battle of Girna Bay
Mission File: co10_girna_bay_v1.stratis
Current Version: v1
Map: Stratis
Type: Co-op
Min Players: 4
Max Players: 10

Players take the role of a squad of NATO light infantry attacking the AAF held town of Girna. They must assault the town and destroy the AAF command post in order to escape the island from the CSAT invasion and AAF betrayal.

Mission Slide:


11/08/2014 - V1.0
- Server Release
- Fixed Loadout Bug
- Added Mission Slide

10/08/2014 - V0.1
- Initial Testing

"What could possibly go wrong..."
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