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Join Our Discord Server

Discord is an essential tool for any member of Beowulf. Not only is it where you can meet and talk to other Beowulf members. But it's also where you can ask for help, enrol in training courses, find out about upcoming sessions and also share pictures and video from sessions

If you want to be a member of Beowulf you have to join our Discord server. All you need to do is sign up to discord and log in via the Discord Server Invite or by downloading the desktop application from The Discord Website

Who are Beowulf Strategic Operations?

Welcome to Beowulf Strategic Operations. We're a tactical realism ARMA 3 community made up of like-minded people from around the world.

In essence we don't adhere to the same realism levels of MILSIM groups, members don't have ranks and everybody's opinion is considered equally.

Beowulf was formed to create a realistic but fun environment to play ArmA. However, it should be noted that ArmA is not the only game that we enjoy playing together.

Our community is welcoming and friendly and will be more than happy to play other games with you.

We believe that having a strong sense of community increases the quality of ArmA sessions and creates a more welcoming and enjoyable experience for all.

Members Charter

This is a list of rules that we expect each member of our community to adhere to. Read them carefully.

1. Don't Be A Dick. Above all try to act politely and be friendly to other members, talk to an admin or host if there's an issue with another player

2. Respect Your Fellow Members. Don't harass, bully or grief other members of Beowulf.

3. Play Maturely. Don't spoil the enjoyment of others on the server by defying orders, jamming radio channels etc. (This includes during pre-session warm up and casual play)

4. Speak English. For the ease of communication all Beowulf members must speak English during sessions.

5. No Hate Speech. Beowulf does not accept Racism, Homophobia or Prejudice of any kind.

6. No Scripting, Hacking or use of Unauthorised Mods. Using of these of Beowulf servers is strictly prohibited and may result in a permanent ban.

7. Don't Disrupt Or Spoil Sessions. Don't do anything to ruin the experience for other players. Don't team-kill, metagame, waste assets etc.

8. Don't Promote Illegal Activity. This includes Piracy, Hacking & other illicit behaviour.

9. Bans & Disciplinary Action. The Beowulf admin team will act as they see fit for the benefit of the community. This includes issuing bans or kicking you from the session.

10. Have Fun. At the end of the day we're all here to have a laugh so just use common sense and enjoy yourself.

Session Schedule

Below are the times and dates for our sessions.

Session Type Day Start Time (GMT) Finish Time (GMT)
Midweek Session Wednesdays 1900 hrs ~2230 hrs
Weekend Session Sundays 1900 hrs ~2230 hrs
StratOps Pre-Announced 1900 hrs ~2230 hrs

Note: Specialised nights like TvT night, StratOps and Apex are played at the host team's discretion.

We try to keep these specialised nights to one a month each but it depends what missions we have on the server.

Training nights are pre-arranged through Discord and are always announced in the Announcement channel.

Downloading Mods With BSU

The first thing you'll want to do as a Beowulf member is to download our mod preset. This preset contains all of the files you'll need to connect to our ARMA servers and play a session with us.

To download the preset you'll need to download an install the Beowulf Syncing Utility (BSU).

BSU is an in-house application that'll identify the mods you need and sync them with the current preset on our server.

For an in-depth guide on how to use BSU and install our mods look at our BSU Quick Guide

ARMA 3 Launcher Setup

In its current build, BSU does not include a launcher. Therefore we recommend using the ArmA 3 launcher to launch your mods properly. Below is a quick guide on how to setup the ArmA 3 Launcher to launch your mods.

Step 1: Launch ARMA 3 without any mods.

If you've just installed ARMA 3 it's important that you run it so it can create all the config files needed. This step can avoid future errors.

Step 2: Create a new Profile in the ArmA 3 Launcher for the Beowulf Preset.

Note: BSU now automatically creates a Beowulf mod profile in the ARMA 3 launcher. If this hasn't appeared follow this step.

It's recommended to create a profile for Beowulf SO sessions, to avoid conflicts with any other mods that you use. This will allow you to launch ArmA 3 with the correct mods without selecting the mods you want to use when you launch the game.

Start by removing all loaded mods from the MODS tab in the Arma 3 launcher, use the 'UNLOAD ALL' button to do this instantly. This will prepare you for the next step of loading the mods into the Launcher and creating a profile.

Step 3: Add mod folders to launcher, one by one. This list of mods is as follows;

WARNING: Ensure you only have the mods downloaded by BSU selected.

Using mods downloaded from Steam Workshop will stop the mod preset working correctly. (Even if they're the same mod). We're aware that this is an issue, and we're currently working on an improved system.

  • @3CBFactions
  • @ace
  • @acex
  • @acre2
  • @BSOAddons
  • @BSOmaps
  • @CBA_A3
  • @CUP_Terrains_Core
  • @CUP_Terrains_Maps
  • @NIArms
  • @ProjectOPFOR

For each mod, select the +Local Mod option and navigate to the BSU download path of your mods. Then just select the mod/mods you want to add.

Arma3Launcher LoadLocalMod.png

Step 4: Save the PRESET to allow you to swap mod configurations if needed.

RECOMMENDED: Save your preset as Beowulf/BSO to identify it more easily.


Step 5: Now run ARMA 3 with your new Beowulf preset & connect to our primary ARMA 3 server.

Your ARMA 3 Main Menu should resemble something like the picture below. (Note the mod icons at the bottom)


TeamSpeak 3 Installation & Configuration

Now your mods are downloaded and installed the next step of the process is to setup TeamSpeak.

Step 1: Download & Install TeamSpeak from

You will mostly likely want to download the 64-bit Windows client. (Unless you use a 32-bit OS)

Step 2: Configure your playback device. You can change this option, via the file menu; Tools > Options : Playback > Playback Device: …

You should change this to your primary sound card.


Step 3: Configure your capture device. You can change this option, via the file menu; Tools > Options : Capture > Capture Device: …

You should change this to your primary microphone.


Step 4: Set up Push-To-Talk (PTT). You can change this option, via the file menu; Tools > Options : Capture > Push-To-Talk: …

This is to ensure you are transmitting your voice at the correct times during sessions.

RECOMMENDED: Set your PTT key to something easily accessible such as MOUSE 4 or MOUSE 5

WARNING: Bind a suitable key for use when playing ArmA 3. Avoid using common ARMA 3 key bindings or Caps Lock, as this is used by the ACRE2 plugin.


Note: The key you bind here will be used for direct chat in-game (non-radio) and talking within TeamSpeak 3 channels normally.

Step 5: Setting up ACRE 2 with TeamSpeak. Getting ACRE 2 working should be a simple process if you've installed your mods correctly.

Installing ACRE by running ARMA 3 with your mods loaded. ACRE should automatically copy across the plugins it needs to your TeamSpeak directory.

Ensure ACRE is working by enabling the Plugin in TeamSpeak. Check this via the file menu; Tools > Options : Addons > Plugins: …


WARNING: The TFAR plugin must be disabled when using ACRE 2 in Beowulf Sessions.

NOTE: If you're having problems with ACRE in-game try disabling it and enabling it in TeamSpeak.

Beowulf Servers

After mods and TeamSpeak are set up you'll be able to connect to our ARMA 3 and TeamSpeak servers.

Once ArmA 3 has been launched with the correct MODS, use the server browser and direct connect to the Beowulf ARMA server.

If you can successfully connect to the ARMA 3 server without being auto-kicked it's an indication that your mods are working correctly.

NOTE: The Test Server is for Testing purposes only. Do not use it for Casual Play.

Server IP Address Port #
ARMA 3 Server #1 2302
ARMA 3 Test Server 2402
Beowulf TeamSpeak Server N/A


Training & Familiarisation



The final thing you need to know as a new member is how to play with us. To this end we run a familiarisation course with all new members.

Familiarisation is a brief training course where we go over all the things you need to know to play effectively in your first Beowulf session. Familiarisation covers the following:

  • Advanced Combat Environment (ACE) Interaction
  • ACE Medical System
  • ACE Medical Menu
  • ACE Grenade System
  • ACE Options & Customisation
  • Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2 (ACRE 2)
  • ACRE 2 Keybindings
  • Contact Reports
  • Radio Protocol
  • Movement
  • Formations
  • Casualty Care
  • Server Etiquette

View our Familiarisation Guidebook which covers the entire familiarisation course in detail and is available for reference if you forget anything.

Our current familiarisation instructors are Philbo , Dapper Bear, Carlsson & Faurwks

BSO Standard Operating Procedures

For more information on how we run our sessions it might be worth taking a look at our Standard Operating Procedures.

The SOP covers the following topics:

  • Mission Selection
  • Mission Slotting
  • Briefings & Planning
  • Doctrine
  • Pre-Deployment
  • Operations

Further Training


Of course we can't cover every aspect of ARMA 3 and our mods in the familiarisation training. Consequently we also offer guides, videos and training sessions so you can get into the swing of things.

Here's a list of the guides we currently have on offer on the Beowulf Strategic Operations wiki:

  • BSO Map Markers and Acronyms Understanding map markers & common military acronyms
  • Operational Organisation: The organisation of players and assets in a mission (ORBATS etc)
  • Comms: Radio Protocols and communicating with command elements or support assets
  • Medical: Advanced ACE Medical System for Combat Medics and Corpsman
  • Leadership: The skills needed to lead fireteams, squads, platoons & support assets
  • Helicopter Pilot: An overview of expectations and skills required to fly transport or CAS helicopters
  • CAS Training: A guide on how to provide effective CAS and a guide on communication between JTACs & Pilots

Some of our sessions contain roles that require more advanced training or certification. Certification is required so that sessions aren't disrupted by accidents or mistakes.

Roles that currently require certification are as follows:

  • JTAC
  • Pilot (Helicopters, Jets & Prop Planes)

The Beowulf Community


Now with your mods installed the best thing to do is to get involved with the Beowulf community and introduce yourself to the other members.

The primary way members talk outside our sessions is via our Discord Server. Here you can chat with other members, and get help should you need it.

If you need technical help in-game you can ask an admin or host. Usually you'll want to contact the person logged into admin on the server which is usually one of the host team.

Be a part of our Steam Community and add other members to your Steam friends list.

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