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Welcome to the Beowulf Strategic Operations Wiki!

On this wiki you'll find a multitude of information that should hopefully cover any questions you have about Beowulf, our modpack and ArmA 3.

Send feedback and suggestions to our Host team on Discord. This wiki is currently a work-in-progress.

If you're new to Beowulf, start by taking a look at our BSO New Members Guide. This covers everything from setting up your mods to how we organise sessions.

About Beowulf Strategic Operations

Welcome to Beowulf Strategic Operations. We're a tactical realism ARMA 3 community made up of like-minded people from around the world.

In essence we don't adhere to the same realism levels of MILSIM groups, members don't have ranks and everybody's opinion is considered equally.

Beowulf was formed to create a realistic but fun environment to play ArmA.

However, it should be noted that ArmA is not the only game that we enjoy playing together. We also take part in games of CIV, Stellaris & Space Engineers. We also have an active D&D group that meets on Tuesday & Friday nights.

Our community is welcoming and friendly and will be more than happy to play other games with you.

We believe that having a strong sense of community increases the quality of ArmA sessions and creates a more welcoming and enjoyable experience for all.

We look forward to welcoming you into our community.

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