Mission Naming Convention

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This page is a Work-In-Progress WIP

All missions submitted to Beowulf must fit the following naming convention. As well as inside ArmA, the names are used for the tracking of missions in the mission database and other Beowulf tools so must conform to the following format.

   typeXX: Mission Name

The naming convention delivers the type of mission, the maximum number or players and the mission name effectively.

If your mission's save name and/or mission name do not match the Mission Naming Convention. It will not be accepted for testing.

Mission List vs Save Format

When you come to save your mission you mustn't use spaces or punctuation. Instead use underscores and no punctuation. However, you can then set the name of the mission in the Attributes section of Eden editor using spaces as intended.

Types of Mission

COOP - A Co-Op mission where all players are on one side.

TvT - Player Vs Player mission. May include AI

CoTvT - A Co-Op mission with some players acting as an OpFor. This could be Zeus .

DYN - Dynamic mission. EG Generator

SB - Sandbox mission. EG StratOps

TRG - Training missions

TST - Test Missions. Usually deleted from server after use.

FUN - Silly or "fun" missions that arn't designed to be taken seriously.

Example Mission

Mission Name: Fort Mercalillo Type: Coop Player Count: 8-21 Island: United Sharia

Editor Save File Format


Mission List "Name Attribute" Format

co21: Fort Mercalillo