BSO Members Charter

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This is a list of rules that we expect each member of our community to adhere to. Read them carefully.

The Members Charter will be upheld by all Beowulf members and guests.

1. Don't Be A Dick. Above all try to act politely and be friendly to other members, talk to an admin or host if there's an issue with another player.

2. Respect Your Fellow Members. Don't harass, bully or grief other members of Beowulf.

3. Play Maturely. Don't spoil the enjoyment of others on the server by defying orders, jamming radio channels etc. (This includes during pre-session warm up and casual play)

4. Speak English. For the ease of communication all Beowulf members must speak English during sessions.

5. No Hate Speech. Beowulf does not accept Racism, Homophobia or Prejudice of any kind.

6. No Scripting, Hacking or use of Unauthorised Mods. Use of these on Beowulf servers is strictly prohibited and may result in a permanent ban.

7. Don't Disrupt Or Spoil Sessions. Don't do anything to ruin the experience for other players. Don't team-kill, metagame, waste assets etc.

8. Don't Promote Illegal Activity. This includes Piracy, Hacking & other illicit behaviour.

9. Bans & Disciplinary Action. The Beowulf admin team will act as they see fit for the benefit of the community. This includes issuing bans or kicking you from the session.

10. Have Fun. At the end of the day we're all here to have a laugh so just use common sense and enjoy yourself.