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Beowulf isn't a MilSim community; we do not assign ranks, nor do we expect any degree of professionalism outside of missions. However, adhering to our doctrine of 'tactical realism' requires an application of real-life military ideas and practices to prevent every mission from devolving into a shitstorm. This means applying (semi-)realistic radio communications to facilitate ease of understanding and uniformity between ground units when carrying out operations. Having everybody reading from the same hymn sheet makes everything a lot easier in every regard - people may understand different phrases in different ways, so unifying this is key.

Basic Radio Protocol

This refers almost explicitly to squad level and above. Fireteam level communication, whilst obviously important in it's own regard, is not governed by the same level of professionalism in BeowulfSO (THIS IS NOT AN INDICATION TO PISS AROUND ON THE 343'S). Whilst the real military would handle this differently, we do not expect every single one of our members to want or need to understands the abilities required to lead large amounts of men and as such, only very basic rules govern intra-fireteam radio etiquette. Mainly, don't be a dick.

For the more leadership inclined however, we do have a few expectations. If you choose a leadership role (Fireteam Leader and above), we ask that you be familiar with and comfortable using the following phrases and prowords.

AFFIRM(ATIVE): Yes / I understand / I agree
BREAK: Please be quiet for a second in case anybody else needs to speak.
BREAK-BREAK: Clear the air immediately, emergency transmission following.
COME IN: I require your attention / Begin your transmission.
COPY: - I understand your last transmission.
DISREGARD (THIS TRANSMISSION): - Transmission is false / in error, cancel the message.
GO AHEAD / SEND MESSAGE: Send your transmission.
I SAY AGAIN / I REPEAT: The following message is important / being repeated due to misunderstanding.
NEGATIVE: No / I do not understand / I disagree.
OUT: I have finished and do not expect a reply.
OVER: I have finished and am awaiting your reply.
ROGER: I have received your entire transmission and understand.
SAY AGAIN / REPEAT LAST: Please repeat your last transmission.
WAIT / STANDBY -NUMBER-: Information is currently unavailable, expect a reply in -NUMBER- minutes.
WAIT OUT: Information is currently unavailable, expect a reply as soon as possible.
WILL COMPLY / WILCO: Will comply with new orders.

The list above are basic NATO / United States Armed Forces prowords. There are more, a lot more, but these are the simplest and easiest to understand. We neither ask nor expect people to learn these, but if you're selecting a leadership role having a brief understanding is key.

Forming A Message

To begin a standard message, you must first flag the operator you wish to get a hold of. There are several ways of doing this, but for now we'll stick with either the unit callsign (ex. RAVEN-2 / FYDOR-6 / BRASSEYE-7) or the member currently in charge of that unit. (ex. Sambråk / Walker / Killslim). You will then identify yourself using the same system, transmit your message slowly and clearly, making sure to avoid using large numbers (One-One-Niner instead of One-Hundred-and-Nineteen) before ending. If you expect a reply, follow with 'over', if you do not expect a reply follow with 'out' or 'over and out'.

A basic platoon level communication is below:

ALPHA: ALPHA THREE, this is ALPHA, come in, over.
ALPHA THREE: ALPHA, this is ALPHA THREE, go ahead, over.
ALPHA: ALPHA THREE, your are to commence movement to waypoint CHARLIE and begin overwatch of the OpFor compound as per mission briefing, over.

And another example.

SAMBRAK: WALKER, this is SAMBRAK, come in, over.
WALKER: SAMBRAK, this is WALKER, send message, over.
SAMBRAK: WALKER, currently KILLSLIM's squad is experien-
KILLSLIM: Break-Break! SAMBRAK, we currently have three men KIA and medical supplies have run low, require support immediately, over.
SAMBRAK: WALKER, move and assist KILLSLIM, over.
WALKER: SAMBRAK, I copy, Wilco, out.

Easy peasy. Of course, communication gets all sorts of fucked up during engagement... But following these simple steps will help maintain some sort of flow during operations.