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Welcome to the Mission Makers Guide.

This page will be gradually updated with tips, ticks and helpful guides on making ArmA missions for Beowulf sessions!


Mission Making Procedures

All missions must uphold the Beowulf Mission Making Procedures for them to be considered for Beowulf Sessions. If you are not sure if your mission idea doesn't meet some of the procedures, ask an admin or your fellow mission makers in #MissionMakers on Discord for help.

  • All missions should adhere to the Beowulf Communities tactical realism play style, and incorporate a balance of realism and enjoyment for players.
  • Missions may not use addons outside of the current Beowulf Preset Release.
  • Missions should use the Beowulf Mission Framework, of have their settings/content/scripts/framework pre-authorised by the Mission Making Admins.
  • All missions must have the Beowulf Mission Framework Meta Data file completed correctly.
  • Missions must have a clearly defined briefing and objectives list viewable in the ArmA Briefing screen.
  • All missions should adhere to the Mission Naming Convention.

Keithen's Mission Tools

1. Mission Checker: will check your loadout files, and some meta files for the most common mistakes.

2. Slotting Screen Re-arranger: Allows you to swap around the ordering of slots

They can be downloaded from Dropbox

The password is pinned in the mission makers channel. Or just ask Keithen.

Beowulf Mission Framework

The latest available versions of the Beowulf Mission Framework are available on the Beowulf Git (link below). Framework updates can be dependent on Beowulf Preset updates. For example moving critical mods can break old versions of the framework. Any major changes will be announced on discord giving mission makers take to update their missions to newer versions.

Beowulf Mission Framework git

Mission Making Check List

The following is a mission making check list which should be used when testing your missions to ensure it is ready for submission. By submitting your mission, you are declaring you have checked your mission for all the below points.

  • Framework Files
  • Beowulf Meta file
  • Briefing & Tasks
  • Framework Modules
  • Objective triggers
  • Spectator Box (or alt respawn/spectator system)
  • AI units (All waypointed and scripted)
  • Murk Spawned units (trigger, unit init and sync to trigger)
  • Player slots
  • Player loadouts
  • Any Additional scripts without errors
  • Indfor hostile/friendly to the correct side

Submitting your mission

In order to make a mission to be used in a Beowulf session, it must be submitted to the Beowulf MissionHub. This database exists as to allow the Beowulf Admins to keep track of missions and to ensure quality in Beowulf Sessions. Follow the below list to have your mission uploaded to the Beowulf server. If your mission fails to meet the required standards or has mission breaking bugs, an admin will request changes using the MissionHub. To receive a notification for this case, or when your mission got approved and goes live, make sure to activate notification on you MissionHub Profile.

  1. Test your mission yourself, making sure it works and upholds the Beowulf Mission Making Procedures! It is highly recommended to test the mission on the test server. Use the Test Mission tab on MissionHub for that.
  2. Create a .zip file of your mission folder. Not .rar, not .7z. it has to be .zip. The MissionHub will yell at you if something is wrong.
  3. Submit a new mission on the MissionHub Here. Select the zip file you just created and fill in the requested information.
  4. Await an admin to test the mission and approve it. Once approved, it will be live on the server
  5. To update your mission after changes have been requested, or you think an update is necessary, use the button on your mission's page on MissionHub.

Note that:

  1. The MissionHub is still in beta. There might be bugs. If you believe something is wrong, please do report them to Keithen, or any member of the host team.
  2. Missions don't require versioning anymore. You can drop the version part of your mission name, and upload a mission multiple times with the same name. MissionHub will assign a version number automatically