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Beowulf has a Phabricator install set up which we use for development collaboration, it is used for all BSO projects (Including BSU).

The main use for "average" users is reporting bugs and requesting features, it can do a lot more on top of that though.

As a rule of thumb, if an issue or request is not logged on Phabricator it does not exist. This page is intended as a brief overview of Phabricator and how to use it. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask in #dev on Discord

Finding and logging into Phabricator

Phabricator lives at

Before you can do anything useful you must login, this should be done using your Beowulf Profile if you are a member or through Google / GitHub if you are not a member of Beowulf. Once you are logged in you can link multiple auth methods to your account to make login easier.


Everything on Phabricator is split up into projects, these make it easier to ensure that each issue is targeted at the right people who can actually deal with it. Confusingly however Phabricator refers to projects as tags in some places but it should be assumed they are the same.

When creating tasks etc please make sure you tag it with the correct project(s) so the task is not lost.

Reporting Issues (Maniphest)

Arguably the most important and useful feature of Phabricator is the ability to report issues. This is accomplished using Maniphest, the issue tracking app of Phabricator.

To report a new issue or make a request you need to press New Task at the top right hand corner of Maniphest (or click the direct link from the front page of Phabricator).

This will present you with a form. Please follow the following guidelines when filling in this form. (This may seem a bit complex right now, in the future we hope to simplify this with a much simpler form)

  • Keep the title brief
  • Do not assign anyone
  • Leave priority as "Triage" or change to "Feature Request" as appropriate.
  • Do not modify Visible To and Editable by. UNLESS You are a reporting a security issue, in which case please set the "Visible To" option to "Administrators"
  • Include a detailed description describing exactly what the problem is, including steps to reproduce. Unreproducible bugs will be closed as invalid.
  • Tag appropriate project(s)

Once the task is created it will be triaged by someone with responsibility for the project and resolved ASAP. Please keep an eye on any issues you report / follow / comment on as more information may be required.

Development Contribution

If you wish to contribute to development of any Beowulf project this will be accomplished through Phabricator as well. It is beyond the scope of this guide but to contribute you will need to be able to use Git and associated simple command line tools. Help can be given on a 1 to 1 basis through Discord / TeamSpeak. If you are interested in contributing and want help setting everything up, ask in #dev on Discord.